West Brom Mascot Boiler Man Becomes An Online Hit!

Football fans will know the value that their respective teams will place on a mascot. It is part of a club’s identity and they will usually be paraded around a home team’s stadium before, during and after a match. You might even catch a sight of it when you’re watching a match on TV from your home in Manchester, London or Essex. However, boiler repair services won’t be needed for one such mascot.

According to the Drum, West Bromwich Albion unveiled a new mascot during their opening fixture of the EFL Championship against Bolton Wanderers. What is so strange about that? Well, the Baggies and their sponsor, Ideal Boilers, showed off Boiler Man. That’s right, Boiler Man is the name of West Brom’s new mascot – and it looks exactly like you imagine it would.

Usually, Throstles fans have seen Baggiebird and Albi during matchday fixtures, but that no longer seems to be the case – and how can fans not enjoy the sight of a boiler? Of course, Boiler Man could be seen by both the home and away supporters over the course of the match.

What is also the best part about the mascot is that it went viral online and has become a talking point on social media.

It is important to remember that this is not a one-off appearance either. Along with its newfound fame, Boiler Man will be staying at the Hawthorns for at least two years as part of West Brom’s sponsorship deal with Ideal Boilers.

Jo Shepherd, marketing director for Ideal Boilers, commented: “The reaction to Boiler Man has been phenomenal, not just nationally but worldwide. I don’t think any of us could have anticipated such an overwhelming response. Within the boiler industry, we already have strong brand awareness with our installers who trust in our high-quality product range with extended warranties.”

You might be wondering if this story can become any better? The answer is rather straightforward: of course. Boiler Man can now be found on Twitter. Yes, the mascot is not done being the headline story.

Boiler Man’s Twitter, which Ideal Boilers confirmed as an authentic account in a separate tweet, has since tweeted: “Hi everyone, I’m overwhelmed by all the support over the weekend! It’s great to see all your pictures and videos of me – keep them coming.”

While West Brom did lose their opening match, the club and the supporters can feel reassured that their mascot has been a winning success. It shows that a commercial product like a boiler can be supported by football fans, who are willing to put the interest of their local team ahead of having a ‘traditional’ mascot.

Baggies fans still have 22 more home fixtures left for their 2018-19 campaign, so there is plenty of time to keep an eye out for Boiler Man. It could be an important reminder for fans on both sides that your boiler needs servicing, especially if you don’t want to watch the football at home during a cold winter.