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If you’re thinking of having underfloor heating installed at home, you’re making a very wise decision. This is actually a very efficient way of heating your house so even if you do baulk a little at the initial outlay, remember that it will pay for itself in the long run… and will make your home a very attractive option for prospective house hunters in the future. Here are just some of the key benefits of this kind of heating system.


If you want to heat your house quickly, underfloor heating is a great idea. You can choose between warm water systems or electrical. The latter has wires installed under the floor to heat it up, while the former heats up using hot water coming through your pipes.

The aesthetics

While you can buy incredibly beautiful radiators these days, they can be quite chunky and can get in the way of your interior design ideas. With heating beneath the floor, you don’t have to worry about decorating your way around radiators.


If you have young children at home, you do need to be mindful of hot surfaces and sharp edges – which radiators can have both of. If you tuck your heating system away beneath the floor, you can enjoy greater peace of mind that your little ones will stay safe.

Ease of installation

It might sound like a big job but if you make sure you hire experienced and professional installation experts, having this kind of heating system put in under the floorboards is actually relatively easy. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


Don’t forget that one of the main reasons for getting underfloor heating is to enjoy the feeling of warmth beneath your feet. Walking around in bare feet when the ground is cold isn’t fun – but with this kind of heating system, you never have to worry about freezing toes again.

Low maintenance

Once the system has been fitted, there’s actually relatively little you as the homeowner will need to do to maintain it, whether you go for a water-based or electric system.


Bear in mind as well that this kind of heating system can help to improve the levels of hygiene at home. With radiators, floors stay cold and you can even find you have a certain level of dampness on the ground – which can help dust mites to gather.

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