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A relatively new alternative energy source you may wish to invest in is thermodynamic panels, designed to produce hot water for domestic and commercial use. You may also hear these systems referred to as solar assisted heat pumps, but rest assured that they’re the same thing.

How does it work? – Think of the system as a refrigerator – but in reverse!

They work by sending cold liquid refrigerant around a panel, which has been fitted to the outside of your house, and as this refrigerant makes its way through the panel, it absorbs heat from the air, turning it into a gas which is then converted into energy to heat your water.

A big plus that may sway your decision is that these systems can work alongside your existing conventional system and don’t really require any maintenance work at all.

It’s also worth noting that the systems are both efficient and reliable, and they’re able to work in conditions that may not be suitable for solar thermal panels (like winter time or during the night).

If you’re looking to reduce your heating and gas bills, as well as helping to protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint then contact us today to find out more about this kind of heating system.

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