Old Boilers Deter 40% Of Homebuyers

Homeowners hoping to sell their property quickly and easily would do well to get their boiler repaired or replaced in Essex after it was revealed that dated central heating systems put homebuyers off.

According to the latest findings from GoCompare Home Insurance, 37 per cent of people would be deterred from putting an offer on a property if it had an old boiler.

Indeed, the findings revealed buyers are particularly concerned about the condition of prospective homes, with 69 per cent willing to walk away from a house with damp, 59 per cent deterred by properties in a poor state of repair, and 46 per cent put off by out-dated electrics.

Ben Wilson from GoCompare Home Insurance said: “While dated decor can be remedied easily and relatively cheaply, major flaws from poor maintenance or badly botched DIY can be expensive to put right.”

He added that being unkempt is also a deterrent for purchasers, highlighting the importance to look after the garden, tidy up, put rubbish away and get rid of bad smells.

“A grubby home and untidy garden may suggest the current homeowners are not only bad at housework, but may have neglected essential maintenance to the property,” Mr Wilson went on to say.

Getting a new boiler is not just a priority for people selling their homes, but for those who plan to stay in their properties too. According to a survey conducted by Independent Network, installing a new central heating system is among the top five home improvement projects in the UK.