Now’s The Time To Give Your Boiler A Service

Now that the weather is on the up and winter seems to be very firmly behind us, there’s no time like the present than to take a look at your gas appliances to see if there are any problems that need sorting out.

You’re to be forgiven for thinking that you don’t need to think about your boiler at this time of year, but you don’t want to wait until the winter months roll around once again to find out there’s an issue. Imagine not being able to have hot water or central heating on the coldest day of the year! You’d certainly be cursing yourself for not taking action in the summer, when it doesn’t matter as much if your heating suddenly doesn’t come on.

Last winter was particularly harsh and seemed to go on forever, with boilers working overtime to keep us all warm and cosy. Although it’s only landlords who are legally obliged to carry out annual gas safety checks, householders would also be wise to do this so any problems can be dealt with in a timely fashion.

If you adjust your heat settings at this time of year, you’ll find you put less strain on your appliances, which over time will mean your boiler lasts for a lot longer than it might do otherwise.

Those of you with combination boilers will find there’s a summer setting on the appliance where you can turn your central heating off completely and only use hot water on demand as and when required. You can also adjust your temperature settings so you use less energy at this time of year – saving yourself money into the bargain.

With conventional boilers, check that your expansion tank and cold water storage are fully operational, and have a look at the ball valves to make sure they’re shutting themselves off properly and aren’t running into the overflow.

Summer is actually the perfect time of year to repair or replace your boilers – in large part because companies aren’t under as much pressure and aren’t called out to as many properties to deal with certain issues.

Common boiler problems to look out for include no heat or hot water, banging, whistling and gurgling noises, leaking and dripping, the pilot light going out, loss in pressure, frozen condensate pipes, thermostat problems, radiators not heating up, kettling, and the appliance switching itself off intermittently.

It’s worth trying to diagnose the problem yourself so you can avoid expensive callout fees, but it may well be that there’s a big issue that will need a qualified and experienced boiler installation expert to come and have a look.

Unless you have the necessary skills and experience, don’t try to tackle big problems yourself as you could end up making it a lot worse – and also end up putting your family at risk of gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. If you need the help of a boiler repair service in Essex, get in touch with us today.