Why Summer Is The Perfect Time For A Boiler Service

It’s not hard to understand why people across the UK have taken every opportunity to bask in the warm weather. There has been some rain to help keep people cool during the heatwave, though. Whether you’re based in Cambridge or Essex, boiler service should be a top priority this summer.

You know as soon as the warm weather comes to an end that someone in the family will run to the thermostat to turn up the heating. However, it might not be running efficiently after being off for a long period of time and could end up costing the family more than it’s worth.

According to the Sun, Katie Price’s heating bill costs her up to £25,000 a year. You haven’t read that wrong, but there is a reason why it is that high: the TV personality and model said she hates when it’s cold. Yes, that does mean that she’s using the heating during the summer.

Of course, Price’s mansion will cost more money to heat because of its size. However, there is no doubt that money could be saved if the boiler is running to its utmost efficiency.

Whether it’s a leak or a faulty valve, your boiler could have a problem that you might not be aware of if it’s not been used on a consistent basis over the summer.

You and the whole family will want to ensure that everything is working before the cold winter weather comes about. As soon as the weather does take a turn for the worse, then everyone’s mood will change from keeping cool to being warm.