How To Prevent Boiler Theft

You might not think that your boiler would be particularly attractive as an option for would-be thieves intent on breaking into your house, but be warned that such incidents certainly aren’t unheard of… and you might be wise to do all you can to prevent such thefts, or you could find yourself left out in the cold.

It’s not just your boiler you’ll miss if it is pinched by nefarious individuals, either… it’s also likely that your pipes will be left damaged by these thieves as they work to make off with your gas appliance, which not only puts you and your family at risk but will also leave you with a hefty bill for repairs as well.

What you could do to help deter thieves is put a visible tracking device to your boiler so that if someone does break in with a view to stealing it, they might well think again. Not only that but the tracker will also help police identify your boiler if they are successful in apprehending the thieves and returning your appliance.

If your boiler does have one of these devices on it, do make sure you put a sticker in your window in a visible place so that thieves know there’s little point in trying to gain access to your property.

You should also be aware that heating oil is also a valuable commodity and if you store it locally, then it could be a target for thieves. Fit a lock to your tank to make it harder for people to steal and help to raise awareness of any similar crimes happening in your local area.

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